3 quick questions with Emma Lindén, Regional Manager

October 29, 2018


Emma heads up our business in the region of Skåne in Sweden. With 17 years’ experience of the industry, the decision to work with recruitment was made long ago.

1) How did you come to join Harvey Nash?
I had been working in the industry for over 10 years and knew that I wanted to continue working in the recruitment industry but I was looking for a company with core values that I could really embrace. A former colleague had started working at Harvey Nash and it was through her that I contacted the company and immediately felt a match. At Harvey Nash, we have a customer-centric culture (both client and candidate) and one of our values is collegiality which really is key to build the type of teamwork that ensures our success.

2) What is the best thing about working at Harvey Nash?
To me, it’s about working with companies and organizations and helping them develop by identifying the right people with the right skills for their specific needs. It is also about being part of a very professional and genuine company where there is a lot of skills that create a fantastic opportunity for learning. In the assignments, we have the privilege of working with there is often a high degree of complexity, demanding a specific profile, or where our client may need advice on understanding what skills are needed in a particular role or have failed to attract the right skill to the role. The value we add becomes very clear because we come in and make a difference from the very beginning in a concrete way. In our role, it’s important to be able to get an in-depth understanding of each company we work with, the business and industry, to best represent the company and succeed. Therefore, there is constant opportunity to develop and learn and often we find new unique challenges in each assignment. It is always the customer benefit that is driving our own business development, adapting our services pragmatically based on our customers’ needs. In the region Skåne where I do most of my assignments, we work more as generalists across many industry functions, which I feel is both professionally challenging and fun. We have the privilege of accumulating incredible knowledge about how different companies organize themselves and the various challenges they face. Of course, we share this knowledge and transfer it to our clients in our advisory role as recruitment consultants. Being able to see synergies and how skills in different areas can be transferred between industries is knowledge that is often appreciated.

3) What is your outlook on the future?
It will be exciting to follow the developments of our industry in the future! Digitalisation affects much of our business. We can always find the tools to help us navigate changing customer demands, nurture feedback and work with more transparency, but we must not lose sight of the more advisory and personal contact we need to have to succeed. Harvey Nash is currently growing right now and we are building a stronger Nordic collaboration with our sister companies Alumni and Impact Executives. We are all part of Harvey Nash Group and offer complementary services. We at Harvey Nash focus on recruitment and development of managers and specialists, Alumni on the recruitment of management and board members. Impact Executives offers interim solutions aimed at Alumni’s network. Our services are very similar to each other but focused on different networks. In addition to pure recruitment assignments, we also do assessments and work with leadership development services at management and board level.
I see every opportunity for us at Harvey Nash to grow both our team here in Malmö and our business in general.

If you are looking for new challenges or if your company needs a recruiting partner, I hope we will hear from you!

Emma Lindén, Manager Region Southern Sweden
M: +46 76 798 13 67
E: emma.linden@harveynash.se