Almedalen spirit

June 29, 2018


We hope to see you in Almedalen, Gotland!

During this week, something that many call the Almedalen spirit prevails. The week quite simply has a special atmosphere, to which the time and place have definitely contributed. Almedalen Week is an unusual combination of political summit and openness. However, it is also associated with an informal atmosphere, intimacy, discussion, democracy, seminars and further education and training.

The parliamentary political parties are at the heart of Almedalen Week. Their participation, with seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen, forms the basis of the event. However, other events are at least as important.

Harvey Nash will be attending also this year. And if you are thinking of making changes to your organisation, looking to recruit or want to talk talent management? Then we hope you will be in touch because these are the things that occupy us all year round and we would love to share our thoughts on the subject with you!

The interest to take part and/or being a co-organiser has increased exponentially. In 2012, there were 1 818 events in the official program, approximately 900 organisers and an estimated 17 000 persons took part. This year we are expecting 45 000 unique visitors.