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An increasing demand for interim

  Since 2017 Sara Petterson is responsible for our interim business in Sweden and is experiencing a market rapidly evolving. There is however still some uncertainty as to how, when and what one actually gets as a client when taking on an Interim Consultant, and what actually separates this from working with temporary staffing solutions



Placing HR in the driver’s seat

  Oliver Sommer is our man on the ground in Denmark. Working closely with customers and with all the resources of Harvey Nash, he is helping to build our business and further strengthen our offer within recruitment and development of managers and specialists across a range of industry sectors.   Can you tell us a



Looking out for the candidates – The importance of creating a positive candidate experience

  There is much talk about the customer experience and how our customers may view us as a recruitment company. For us to do a good job it is important that we establish a good relationship with our customers. A company needing our help with a recruitment must feel confident that we will find the



Prioritize the person before their age

Today, we live longer, we are healthier, we continuously educate ourselves throughout our lives and mental age is becoming more fluid. Career-wise we also see large trends; interim employment on the rise, it is more common to change roles and also change employer more frequently. To also entirely change career mid-life is no longer part of the exception.



A Researcher’s role – everyday life as detective

Anyone who is looking to recruit today will be aware of the current state of the recruitment market. Candidate´s tend to have the upper hand and the recruiting companies themselves increasingly set higher demands to avoid wrong and costly hires.



Finance, banking, insurance and law – a demanding industry for the recruitment consultant?

Sophie Lempert is one of our most experienced recruitment consultants and decided early on to specialize in the field of Finance & Legal, one of our areas of expertise at Harvey Nash. The ability to work with these often more regulated roles and to better leverage her own network of seasoned professionals in this industry has contributed to her ambition of making a difference and adding more value to our customers.



Staffing’s dirty little secret: We can’t control candidates

  Anne Frazetto, CIO at Harvey Nash USA writes in her latest article on why the candidates’s still have the upper hand in today’s job market, despite the fact that employers have the jobs, the benefits packages and the growth opportunities. Read the full article here.  



Smart Specialization within Marketing, Communications and Sales.

Since 2015, Mirja Holmberg is part of our team and one of our most senior consultants. She has helped build our offer with strong functional areas of expertise and dared to carve out a niche for herself in Marketing, Communication & Sales.



Challenges of changing leadership

  How do you as a leader quickly adapt to your new organization and win employee support and loyalty?     Changes in leadership is a challenge for most organizations and may create periods of uncertainty. As a new leader, there are some things you can do in order to quickly adapt to the business



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