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Get into shape – Take part in the 2018 Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey

  There is a staggering amount of change happening around the world – whether that’s political, economic, social or technological. And as a technology leader, you will be at the centre of it all. Whether it’s dealing with uncertainty in markets, or implementing new business models, or dealing with the opportunities and threats posed by



Ageism in Tech: half of tech professionals fear it will damage career prospects.

Once workers hit the big 4-0, their perceived future career success takes a nosedive. 33 percent of tech professionals aged 40-44 worry their age will negatively impact their chances of future career success, according to the Harvey Nash Technology Survey 2018.



Seven in 10 boards seek skill sets beyond finance, as they deal with business uncertainty and digital disruption

Old Game, New Rules: How boards of today are preparing for tomorrow - The Harvey Nash / Alumni Board Report 2017/18 In Partnership with London Business School's Leadership Institute.



Global Political and Economic Uncertainty Create a New Breed of Digital Innovators, Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey Finds

Despite two-thirds (64 percent) of organizations adapting their technology strategy because of unprecedented global political and economic uncertainty, 89 percent are maintaining or ramping up investment in innovation, including in digital labour.



Why does the skills gap matter to you?

Our colleagues at affiliate Mortimer Spinks working with IT and tech recruitments in UK have conducted a survey into the skills gap and how it poses a threat to all organisations.



One in seven HR leaders report Automation / Artificial Intelligence is already impacting their workforce plans, reports Harvey Nash HR Survey 2017

The way businesses are planning their workforce is changing, and being impacted by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation. Fifteen percent of HR leaders said their plans were being affected right now, and a further 40 percent believe this will happen within the next two to five years. This is according to the



Bittersweet Success? Glass Ceilings for Britain’s Ethnic Minorities at the Top of Business and the Professions

Bittersweet Success? Glass Ceilings for Britain’s Ethnic Minorities at the Top of Business and the Professions. Find out more



Harvey Nash Technology Survey

The Harvey Nash Technology Survey represents the views of nearly 3,000 technologists from more than thirty countries. Find out more




Candid podcast interviews with technology visionaries and evangelists. From electric cars to disruptor banks, from small startups to major tech enterprises, we uncover what’s driving the tech sector, and where it’s heading… Find out more



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