Interim – an efficient and reliable way to recruit

February 4, 2019

The industry for interim solutions is growing year on year. It feels extremely valuable to be a recruiting partner who can meet the needs of our clients with a flexible solution that can fulfill very specific requirements and time sensitive needs, as well as help avoid potentially wrongful recruitments.

For the past four years Harvey Nash has offered interim services and continues we continue to see an increasing demand. Our colleague Emeli Bergenhag Fellström is today head of this business area within Harvey Nash in Sweden.

Emeli Bergenhag Fellstrom, acting Head of Interim

Emeli Bergenhag Fellström, acting Head of Interim

“I am excited to start working within this segment, that is relatively new to me. We have set very clear strategic goals and are investing even more into our interim offer in 2019. I have previously worked as a recruitment consultant within our area of expertise Finance & Legal but am now very much looking forward to further developing the interim business together with our entire organisation.”

Emeli has over eight years of experience from the recruitment industry and even though her focus has been within the financial sector in recent years, she has a background of delivering assignments in a much broader scope across most industries and functional areas, having worked at some of Sweden’s leading recruitment companies. Now she will be part of the Swedish management team and dedicating more time towards business development and building customer relations.

“In the past years, we have put a lot of emphasis on building a strong network of interim consultants, to enable us to deliver more quickly in client assignments. But also, just in general learning the candidate market and keeping up to date with developments. Now with a more established offering, we have an extremely strong foundation to stand on when we take on new client assignments.”

Why choose an interim solution?
Interim solutions provide the ability to take onboard a very qualified and experienced consultant in a specialist or management position, for a limited period of time in order to solve a certain type of challenge or solve a temporary business need. It could for instance solve a vacancy during a period of time until a permanent recruitment is in place, it could be to fill a sick leave, parental leave or could be useful addition during an organisational change. It may also be that one chooses to take in an interim consultant in a management position on an interim basis to begin with, but with an expressed interest to make it a permanent role.

“Interim solutions also create an opportunity to test and validate that you really find the best match between candidate and company, both in terms of competence and corporate culture.”

Interim consultants have long-standing and solid experience of the consultancy role, but more importantly: relevant experience for the specific requirement and is oftentimes even over qualified which can add additional benefits. The interim consultant can come in and deliver from day one, working independantly to a much greater extent and therefore adding value immediately.
The time period for assignments vary depending on the unique requirements but can be anything from a couple of months up to two years. There is a dialogue at the beginning of each assignment to determine and adapt the time to the wishes of both the company and the interim consultant.

With two more offices in Malmö and Gothenburg, in addition to Stockholm, as well as a successful and close collaboration with our sister companies Alumni, Impact Executives and PAT Management, we are a leading recruitment partner in the Nordic market. With complementary services and different levels of network our idea is that our customers should be able to turn to one supplier and meet all recruitment and interim requirements.

“What makes the interim business so exciting for me, is the fast pace and the opportunity to help clients when they need help quickly. It’s a very grateful job to have, helping clients when they find themselves in a tight spot. It’s great to now get the chance to help run this business area, which although is already up and running, is also tasked with big new targets and my job will be to switch it up a gear and make sure we deliver on the very high expectations we have set for our interim business! “

We offer interim consultants in finance, law, HR, IT, marketing, communication, sales,
project and change management, purchasing and supply chain.
Initiating an interim request costs nothing.
The company only pays from day 1 of the interim consultant’s assignment.
We have already verified and qualified the interim consultant before presentation.
We provide all the correct documentation around agreements and administrate the interim consultant’s compensation.

Are you facing a vacancy or recruitment in your organistion and are you unsure whether an interim solution could be right for you? You are welcome to contact us for help and advice on what would suit your needs and requirements best!

Emeli Bergenhag Fellström, acting Head of Interim Management
M: +46767981366