Navigating the IT landscape in 2019

March 8, 2019


In 2018 we saw increasing investments into information security and data privacy, much as a result of GDPR. The threat of cyber attacks reached en all time high whilst only a fifth of IT leaders felt they were prepared for the eventuality. How have we moved on and are we better equipped for today’s challenges?

In it’s 21st year our CIO survey is the largest IT leadership survey in the world, analyzing responses from organizations with a combined annual cyber security spend of up to US$46bn. This is a significant influence and we are hoping to have an even bigger response rate from the Nordic countries represented this year.

With nearly half (49%) of last year’s respondents replying an increased budget, we are curious to find our how CIOs across the world are now managing this and increased personnel resources.

“CIOs have a really difficult tight rope to walk,” said Albert Ellis, CEO, Harvey Nash Group. “On one hand the board is asking them to drive innovation, promote transparency and following recent high profile data breaches, ensure the responsible use of customer data throughout the organization. On the other hand, the board is increasing scrutiny and demanding improved reporting on cyber security, data integrity and resilience, as regulators and consumers become much more demanding on personal data. The organizations that can get this balance right, between innovation and governance, are in the strongest position to compete in an increasingly complex technology environment.”

We estimate that the survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and as a participant you will:

  • Be able to access indepth information about the questions that are most relevant to you in your role
  • A complimentary invite to one of our exclusive launch events held in 25 locations across the world
  • A Personal Benchmark Report – a document, unique to you, comparing your key survey responses with your CIO peer group. Here’s an example.
  • Exclusive access to our Data Visualisation Tool that was launched for the first time last year!

In its 21st year, the Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey research is one of the most trusted and extensive international reports on the business of IT leadership and everything that comes with it. This year’s report features unique additional insights from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research.
Last year almost 4,000 CIOs and technology executives from more than 80 countries took part and benefited from insights to help with their business and career planning.

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