A stronger offer in region South and with our team in Malmö Sweden

  We are stregthening our team in Malmö with the recruitment of Maria Pettersson, starting as Consultant.   Maria Pettersson has almost seven years of experience from the recruitment industry and joins us most recently from a role as Consultant Manager, focusing on roles within Financial services. She also brings experience from working with IT…



The best start to a week!

  This week we had a new colleague joining our team in Malmö. Nandie Olsson will be our new Researcher working across a broad range of functions to assist in our assignments within the regions of Skåne and Öresund. "I look forward to getting started working in my profession and being part of the team…



An outside-in perspective that adds focus to change management

In an increasingly changing business environment with high workload and demands for rapid adaptation, more businesses find the benefit of being able to quickly solve skills shortage by taking on an interim consultant. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to bring in another pair of eyes to get help and ensure that you spend time doing…



Tech spend outside IT department creates opportunities, but opens back door to potential security and consumer trust risks

  Tech spend outside IT department creates opportunities, but opens back door to potential security and consumer trust risks, finds world's largest technology leadership survey.   2019 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, of over 3,600 IT leaders, finds business-led IT is creating more value than ever before, but with it comes a need for better governance…



Steps in the right direction

  This week we had three new colleagues join our team in Stockholm! Together we continue on our journey to grow our offering in the Nordic market.   Basem Bacchus has a background in sales and marketing and 10 years of experience in leading sales roles. In 2017 he decided to change career path and…



Looking out for the candidates – The importance of creating a positive candidate experience

  There is much talk about the customer experience and how, in order for or us to do a good job, it is important that we establish a good relationship with our customers. A company needing our help with a recruitment must feel confident that we will find the right candidate for them - the…



Demands for a high level of competence

  Operational roles, closely aligned with the business, with large personnel responsibility and often with complex supply chains pervade positions in this sector. Regardless, of whether you work in a small local company or in a large international context. The demands are many and the responsibility is broad, something that our new colleague Pauline Nilsson…



It’s not hard selling the dream when you’re practically living it

  The swimming pool industry today in Sweden is relatively traditional and unstructured, with many small players and now a few larger ones too. When Johan Westerdahl was offered the opportunity to step in as CEO at company PoolKungen, it felt like an exciting challenge to seize. Under new ownership in Beijerinvest the company was…



Intelligent digital solution finding time where you thought there was none

  Who today does not at times feel that they could have more time? How many do we hear people explaining that if there was only more time a solution would be in hand? Since 2005, Quinyx has worked with a bit of a revolutionary solution to create more time. Time that is appreciated by…



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