Talent management, a future challenge within public sector

January 23, 2019


The public sector is facing major changes and challenges, which can only be overcome successfully by having the right employees in place. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to attract, recruit and develop talented and competent employees and managers.

“We believe that the ability to recruit competent and talented people to the public sector will be a determining factor in the coming years. Our clients work very actively with employer branding, in my opinion, and it is important for us to manage and further develop this work when we cooperate in assignments within the public sector,” says Linda Josephson Recruitment Consultant within our expertise area, Public.

Linda Josephson, Recruitment Consultant

Linda Josephson, Recruitment Consultant Public

Since several years back, we at Harvey Nash, have our own team of specialists who work specifically with assignments in the public sector. There are several reasons why recruitment in the public sector differs from that of the private sector.

Laws and regulations that only apply to recruitment in the public sector
Public sector recruitment is regulated by legislation. Authorities have to recruit on the basis of merit and skill, in a process that is completely open to the public. As a candidate within public sector recruitments, you also have the opportunity to appeal the authority´s employment decision, which makes it even more important that we have recruitment processes that supports current regulation in order to safeguard our clients.

“One of the biggest advantages of having a specialised team working with assignments in the public sector is that we can have the ear to the ground and knowledge of the rules and regulations that one needs to adhere to. The public sector is an important representative of issues related to gender equality, diversity and discrimination in general. Here we need to contribute to increased security in that the recruitment process is carried out according to current legislation. The reasons for using scientific, structured methods in recruitments within the public sector are therefore many and important”, says Linda.

The public space
In our work with recruiting managers and specialists, we thoroughly understand the value of being able to run a recruitment process with high integrity and confidentiality. Everything, to respect the candidate as an individual and our clients.

As a candidate, it is understandable that it can be a deterrent to know that as soon as you submit an application, one’s motive and background becomes open knowledge, available to the public. This can be sensitive both against their current employer but also from the individual’s perspective.

As an external recruitment partner, we can create a space for candidates to enter into a dialogue and to be given time to consider their options, before they choose whether to submit their application or not.

“We can offer candidates a recruitment process that is otherwise not possible today if the clients themselves handle the recruitment”, adds Linda.

Synergies and candidate networks
At Harvey Nash, we have chosen to call our area of expertise Public. This is because we see many points of contact between the various sectors and we do not want to limit our candidate network to only public authorities and administrations. We see that individuals are happy to move between organisations of non-profit and social enterprises, civil society and publicly owned companies. We keep ourselves up-to-date on the entire market; at a political level, national and regional level, county councils and municipalities, associations and NGO´s. What is common between the sectors is the social mission. Our assignments comprise all recruitment of managers and specialists, where we combine advertising with search when we map out the market, to identify the right candidates.

“Our Public area extends over several brands within Harvey Nash Group, which means that we in the Nordic region work very closely with our colleagues at our sister company Alumni. We have a good reputation in the market and solid network that we have built since Alumni was founded over soon 30 years ago. The exclusive network we built over the years enables us to help our clients find the right person for the right role faster”, says Linda.


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