Thank you for a successful event in Oslo 25 April!

March 28, 2017

Thank you to all who participated in our HR-breakfast event earlier this week. The event was part of a launch of our recently published HR Survey bringing to light the topics that are top of mind with HR professionals around the world.

A fantastic opportunity for exchange of ideas and networking, and we at Harvey Nash were so pleased to be able to welcome and engage with you.

We spoke of topics such as:
HR systems and the stress of having a digital environment that is not functional. There is a higher demand for improved integration between various programs and databases, as well as calls for better usability and interface. Many of us present had firsthand experience of a recent IT migration or had plans in the near future to change to a new system. We also discussed the need to have a platform in place that included a talent management or performance management aspect.

We also talked of the future of HR with the advantages and challenges related to Big Data used in recruitment processes and related HR responsibilities. The hope is that automation will alleviate more administrative jobs and instead make room for interpersonal skills adding more value.

Diversity was also part of our topics for the day, where language barriers was brought up as an aspect that may lead to challenges meeting diversity goals. Regardless of industry and specific challenges faced all were in agreement that there is a need to have diversity of competence and experience present in your organisation.

The results of our HR survey show that the use of ones personal network is in decline where social media is an effective tool to quickly reach relevant contacts. However, in Norway specifically peronal networking is still the most preffered way. Social media in general is more commonly used to build employer branding and help generate candidate interest. In Norway the two most preferred channels to advertise for jobs is still LinkedIn, specific job boards and

To summarize, thank you for great dialogue and inspiration!

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If you would like to hear more about the event, our survey or continue the dialogue please get in touch!

Emma Eriksson, Consultant responsible for our HR offer in Norway