Why does the skills gap matter to you?

November 13, 2017

Our colleagues at affiliate Mortimer Spinks working with IT and tech recruitments in UK have conducted a survey into the skills gap and how it poses a threat to all organisations.

The survey covers input from the UK market only but has many similarities to our own Nordic market and the effects we also experience from increasing digitalisation.

Whether an organisation looks to hire talent directly or outsources recruitment unless they have a widely recognised employer brand, it’s likely they will find this challenging. Even then, finding quality talent that fits into their unique culture and price range is still a challenge.

Organisations choosing to not compromise risk having an under-resourced team, which adds to the workload and leaves less time for learning or a strong work-life balance. We see it as a collective challenge that will not be solved if we rely solely on business leaders. To understand how we can help, we’ve looked to gain insights from business leaders, Technical and Non-Technical workers, alongside future generations.

The purpose of the survey is to gather insights and highlight some of the areas in which technology professionals can support their businesses and the wider industry, to help attract and develop a diverse pool of talent.

To read the results and take part of the insights from the survey please visit Mortimer Spinks website here.

Read more about Mortimer Spinks on their website here.