Everyone has an opinion about my employer

September 10, 2018


Harvey Nash helped recruit Christer Litzell to the role of Business Area Manager at SJ. When we call Christer, he laughs thinking back to our first contact.


– When you first called, I was down with the flu and had almost lost my voice. So only a while later, when I was feeling better again could we actually talk. You kept your word and your promise and yes, it really was an exciting opportunity! notes Christer.


When we contacted Christer, he had worked for the airport buses for 15 years. The idea of changing jobs had crossed his mind, but because he still very much enjoyed the job he then had he hadn’t yet taken action and actively done something about it. That changed after our conversation.


How were your first days at SJ?

– This is really a fantastic company and I felt so welcome from my first day. I have only experienced helpful colleagues who are generous with their time and knowledge. They help me understand how everything is connected and how all the parts work together. The introductory program I received was well thought-out and lasted for a total of six days over a period of three weeks. I think SJ understand what it takes to give the employees a good start here.


What experiences can you contribute with to the future at SJ?

– I have worked many years within various parts of the passenger transportation industry. On the airport buses I had several different roles and positions. At first, I was responsible for Bussakuten, where SJ was a major customer at the time, helping us with supplementary traffic across Sweden. Then I also had the opportunity to establish two bus companies in Russia that we operated for almost four years. Prior to this role at SJ, I was the Business Area Manager for a new concept that we called “Door to gate”.


Today, Christer is working with external clients in cross-functional teams. His experience of working with corporate customers is beneficial here, because the current role at SJ is a lot about building relationships and creating trust.


– My main responsibility is for the train traffic in Mälardalen, procured by company MÄLAB. In addition to rail services, the job also includes introducing 33 new trains and launching a newly built depot in the city of Eskilstuna. My job involves a nice combination of both customer interactions and technology. Here at SJ, we work to connect all of Sweden! And to do it in a way that puts the customer at the center.


What is the biggest difference compared to your previous roles?

– A big difference to my previous work is how SJ is so much in the public eye. Everyone has an opinion about us!


What challenges do you have at SJ?

– At SJ, there are more parameters to take into account, which makes the job complex and challenging. For example, a bus can always take alternate roads, but trains need to stay on the tracks.


What’s best about your new job?

– I’ve had a great start with fast pace from morning to night. I have gained a great deal of trust and freedom within my area of responsibility and I have been invited into so many different contexts. Of course, there are also demands to deliver results, but that is a natural part of the job and something I enjoy, says Christer.


At the forefront of development

According to Christer, digitization is always close to the business. We need to constantly work with and try and be at the forefront of the development to succeed with the traveller’s user experience, such as obtaining readily accessible information, with the aim of always simplifying for the customer at all times.


– My role today is very broad. I never know what’s going to happen when I get to work in the morning!