Change Dinner – Newcastle 2017

May 27, 2017

On Thursday 22nd June we welcomed Gemma Holmes, Business Analyst Manager from Northgate PLC and a group of Senior IT and Business Change individuals to the Crowne Plaza to discuss the science of Leadership.

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“The best change leaders deal in chemical substances… in fact they are actually scientists”, Gemma Holmes.

Attendees were seated at round tables to listen to Gemma’s engaging presentation which utilised a chemical formula as the means to achieving employee engagement and motivation towards change:
Dopamine – creating the “mini fist pump feeling”
Oxytocin -“sense of love trust and belonging”
Serotonin-“the confidence booster”
Endorphins-“energy and endurance”

Gemma’s presentation sparked a passionate debate encompassing themes of crisis situations, capability of team and attitude.

  • Encompassing the crisis situation theme, discussion questioned how best to operate during crisis and how the chemical formula would encourage employee engagement and motivation. Essentially employees needed at least one element of the chemical formula by means of incentive to encourage during time of crisis.
  • However, discussion also recognised that attitude of the team contributed as without a positive attitude and capability then the formula would not be achieved. Particularly in process orientated industries discussions addressed the value of attitude and quality of an able team in order to allow for production and change to be achieved.

Concluding statements identified that a strong team foundation utilising the DOSE chemical formulation and bringing employees on the journey is required in order to successfully achieve change.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to debate. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event.

Beth Reynolds, Associate Consultant – Harvey Nash
T:0191 249 4077