Green logistics with Green Cargo

September 3, 2018



Green Cargo’s business concept is sustainable logistics in the form of green transportation. Harvey Nash has helped the company with several roles, including Head of Applications at the IT department. Johan Svensson enjoys the role which he describes as performing work with high-level social benefits.

Green Cargo transports goods equivalent of 10,000 lorries every day – but on trains.
The largest part of the business is in Sweden, but thanks to a network of partners, they can also offer logistics services in the whole of the Nordic region and Europe. Johan Svensson is responsible for managing and developing Green Cargo’s different applications.


Johan Svensson Green Cargo

Johan Svensson Green Cargo

What is Green Cargo’s business concept and vision for the future?
– Our business concept is to develop and deliver efficient and sustainable rail logistics with Scandinavia as a domestic market. We want to be able to meet today’s transport needs without jeopardizing the conditions of future generations. Therefore, much of our work is about reducing our climate impact by providing sustainable logistics solutions. Our lorry drivers run almost 400 freight trains per day in Sweden, which corresponds to approximately 10,000 lorries. We have our roots in the origin of Swedish rail traffic and is Sweden’s most experienced railway logistics player. Green transport is good for everyone, says Johan.

What types of challenges are the industry facing?
– Our industry will always struggle with interruptions to our services, so we must be excellent in dealing with discrepancies and really be the reliable and flexible logistics partner we promise our customers. To succeed, we need good collaborations and networks with other partners that contribute to our solution.

Crucial IT support
It is not enough to be good at running trains, to run the business, you need a stable IT function. Green Cargo therefore invests heavily in building an IT architecture and developing applications.

– My workday is more about data, the data we have, and how we collect and analyse data to find business benefits. At the same time, we must be innovative and commercially sharp, so it is always a balance.

– What is special about working at Green Cargo?
– It is a great place to work. The colleagues are very competent and most of them have a great interest in the industry. Because the margins of our business are constantly under pressure, it challenges us to always be creative and think cost-effectively. It is a challenge that I think is both fun and that you learn a lot from. It’s easy to find solutions when you have no constraints. But here we really must think both creatively and in a smart way, Johan points out.

An important social function
Before joining Green Cargo, Johan had little insight into how many different pieces had to fall in place for a train to simply drive on the railway. At the headquarters in Hallsberg Sweden, he has the rail tracks just outside the office window, so every time the trains roll by, he gets a hands-on proof of what he and the team add to the business.

– If you want to work in a context where you add something back to society, this is the right place. Here you can influence Scandinavian business in a very concrete way. It helps of course, to think that trains are hugely exciting, like I do! I am from Gothenburg in Sweden and have always been very fond of boats, but during my time at Green Cargo I have discovered a new interest, in trains, says Johan.

– What motivation do you want to see in new employees?
– At Green Cargo, you are constantly involved in a changing environment, regardless of role. Taking advantage of, being comfortable with and having competence in change management is therefore a clear advantage. Likewise, an ability to see the whole and how the different parts affect each other.

To meet the enormous breadth of Green Cargo’s various operations and stakeholders, you need a high level of social skills and a willingness to learn new things, Johan continues. Humility is also important, one must be able to adapt and explain the role of the various IT functions and our transformation journey depending on who your audience is.

– The role is complex, and we need to create a flexible IT function that can be adapted to new business models, changing business cycles and new technical opportunities. This means that we are always looking for people with different experiences who can enrich us and help us challenge previous ways of working. Hopefully, we can do something new that improves Green Cargo and society.