Harvey Nash challenged me

October 1, 2018


Harvey Nash helped recruit Sofie Travessét to the role of Group Marketing & Communications Manager at Consafe Logistics. Sofie first declined and even changed jobs before she became curious about the role we presented.

– You challenged me, which I really appreciate. I did not think I could change industry and I only saw my next opportunity within heavy industry at the time. You helped me to see that my skills and experience could be useful in other contexts, says Sofie.

When we contacted Sofie, her first reaction was to say no. Certainly she thought the role at Consafe Logistics was interesting, but she had also just accepted another offer and felt loyal to that employer.

– When I started in the new job, I quickly felt it wasn’t right in the end. Sometimes that happens, despite successful interviews. So, I contacted Harvey Nash again and from there, things were resolved quickly, Sofie remembers.

Consafe Logistics is a leading European supplier of logistics systems. The company that started in the City of Lund in Southern Sweden has now grown into a global player with Europe as the largest market. The business idea is to deliver its leading software product, AstroWMS®, along with logistics expertise, helping companies to develop their logistics into a clear competitive edge.
After working with marketing within travel, photography and pump solutions in wastewater industry, Sofie began on the affluent company Trelleborg AB, whose operations extend over a century, in a variety of industries and segments from outer space to the seabed. As a Corporate Brand Manager and Group Brand and Marketing Manager, Sofie worked with and helped build company brand strategy.
She was fascinated with heavy industry and assumed that she would have to move into a similar context to take advantage of the experience she had acquired.

– Instead, I’m back today in a medium-sized company, where I have more overall responsibility – and I am loving it!

Sofie received a very warm welcome at Consafe Logistics. The fast-paced company has a flatter organization than she was used to. Even though the number of employees is 400, she thinks it is clear who does what. Sofie also discovered that it does not matter what industry you work in, as long as you are confident in your basic skills, you can apply them in whatever context.

– One thing that was really new to me was to work in an activity-based office environment. I have previously declined jobs because for this reason alone, but now I feel it works very well, Sofie states.

She sees the logistics industry as being at the forefront and a fun place to be. It is important to get an idea of what is happening in the industry, to understand new trends and to gain insight into the problems and challenges that the company’s products and services can solve.

– There is a good balance between logistics and IT / software here, which I think makes Consafe Logistics an attractive employer,” says Sofie.

What’s best about your new job?
“It’s working in a whole new industry. It is basically a software company and as such we have a huge potential for growth. There is much to learn and develop. I see an opportunity to get involved and be part of shaping the company in the future. I would not have felt as good if there had been no challenges. I want to leave a footprint and help put Consafe Logistics on the map!