Intelligent digital solution finding time where you thought there was none

June 4, 2019


Who today does not at times feel that they could have more time? How many do we hear people explaining that if there was only more time a solution would be in hand? Since 2005, Quinyx has worked with a bit of a revolutionary solution to create more time. Time that is appreciated by employers and contributes to more satisfied employees.

Magnus Olausson currently works as COO at Quinyx, a strong growing player providing cloud-based solutions within the industry of workforce management. An exciting Swedish company with a clear vision of becoming a world leader in the market and is now well on its way.

At Quinyx, they help customers from medium-sized to large retail chains and restaurants with a workforces’ spanning between 100 employees to large global companies with 30 – 40,000 employees. With a market-leading position today, they have over 600 customers and are located in the Nordic countries, England, Holland, Germany and after the summer they are also expanding to Boston USA. With a 50 percent growth year on year, they are now continuing their plans for further growth. They aim to take half a billion in recurring revenue on a contractual basis within the next four years and go from 180 employees to over 400. This places huge demands on not only securing daily operations and business as usual during a phase of strong growth. At the same time, they must also develop the company and work with change management. Whilst they will keep some parts of the corporate culture, they have realized that other parts must evolve to fit in a new context and in a much larger organization.


Smiling man at happy company 

Magnus Olausson, COO Quinyx


An offer you don’t easily refuse

For those who work at Quinyx, it is clear that they see the company as more than just a growth company. Here, everyone understands that through their work they have the chance to contribute and help people plan their lives better.

The actual pitch of Quinyx as a preferred employer with a strong employer brand has not been difficult. There is a strong story around the company that appeals to many and helps provide credibility and candidates trust in that Quinyx can reach any future ambitions. They have succeeded in creating a work environment with great freedom and an entrepreneurial spirit by things like; having a clear vision, having transparent and set goals to work towards, a strong feedback culture and a communicated confidence in that the employees themselves can find their own way and their own part to play in this context.

At Quinyx, everything a lot happens and happens quickly. They have succeeded in creating an enjoyable and inspiring work environment in which they continuously re-evaluate and set new goals on an ongoing basis.

“Even though we have long-term plans, we live in a world that is rapidly changing. The only thing we know for sure is that tomorrow will in all likelihood be different, so we work a lot with our employees to be able to handle that change,” explains Magnus.

An example of how they can help employees manage change better is to continuously evaluate and measure how employee engagement and give them the tools to identify and create awareness of their own propensity to change.

At several times, Magnus has hired an external recruitment partner to assist in a number of more strategic roles, and most recently Harvey Nash received the privilege of assisting in the recruitment of a Chief HR Officer with placement in London. With this new role, the ambition was to add more international character to the company and given its now global footprint, London is a market they find they must be present in. The challenge in the recruitment work at Quinyx has been to identify skills that are right for the company in two, three or even five years from now. Usually these are individuals who are overqualified for the role today but who are right for the role as it develops going forward, in-line with their fast growth plans.

What attracts candidates to Quinyx in addition to a clear and tangible vision is good opportunities to develop and be allowed to grow within the company. New roles and opportunities to work internationally are constantly being created and this, in combination with a complex business environment adds the little extra that many seek.

“By extension, our service is about creating better lives for those who work in personnel-intensive industries. This can be accomplished through our scheduling tool that helps to optimize work planning, give employees more flexibility, and get appreciation from colleagues and managers. People spend many hours at work, so if you can find the right flexibility and the right conditions through good work shifts and colleagues who are nice to work with, we believe you can create a lot of value. We all know that happy employees create better results together!”, ends Magnus.