Mobile Payments

May 9, 2014

The Harvey Nash CIO Practice hosts successful Round Table lunch.

Technology fads may come and go rapidly over the next few years and mobile payments may never be more than an additional convenience, but what seems certain is that the traditional boundaries that exist in the banking and payments world are fading away.

Volume will be the key to success or failure to competing organisations and technologies, as it always has been.  Does anyone remember the ‘laser disk’? Momentum in the consumer world is often built on good marketing as well as good technology. Is the brand mightier than the bank now that they are finding out how much harder it is to run payments than purchases or searches. Will the big players really get in on the action? Fraud has yet to become a significant problem but that is not surprising given that mobile payments, as we define them, are still practically non-existent.

Are we trying to sell something that the consumer is just not that excited or indeed interested in or are we at the cutting edge of a transaction revolution?
Only time will tell, but as mobile technologies continue to disrupt our behaviours, I think we will see a continuing erosion of the traditional roles played by our corporates.

The Round Table event was interesting and thought provoking and we hope all our guests enjoyed it too. Thank you again for taking part and giving up your time and your opinions, and a special thank you to our speaker Tony Moretta.
Below the full list of attendees for this event, and we hope to see you all again soon.

  • John Seglias / Group IT Director  – Abellio  
  • Chris Rawson / COO – Vocalink
  • Tony Moretta / ex Marketing Director – Weve
  • Steve Chambers / CIO – Visa
  • Adam Banks / EVP Technology – Monitise
  • Matthew Bradford / Detective Chief Inspector – Deputy Director – City of London Police