Strengthening Marketing & Sales expertise with another new colleague in place

Last week, we welcomed a new colleague, Aina Elnan to Harvey Nash! Aina Elnan has worked in London with recruitment for the past 10 years and originally comes from Norway. With experience from companies such as Renovata, Nexec Leaders and 360 Leaders, she will be able to contribute with valuable recruitment experience at all levels,…



Interim – an efficient and reliable way to recruit

The industry for interim solutions is growing year on year. It feels extremely valuable to be a recruiting partner who can meet the needs of our clients with a flexible solution that can fulfill very specific requirements and time sensitive needs, as well as help avoid potentially wrongful recruitments. For the past four years Harvey…



Recruiting from private to public sector

  To succeed in attracting and recruiting the best talent to a sector that faces major changes and challenges ahead places high demands on us as a recruitment partner but also on the recruitment process itself. The right competence in the right place is about seeing the potential in each individual and opportunities and sometimes…



Talent management, a future challenge within public sector

  The public sector is facing major changes and challenges, which can only be overcome successfully by having the right employees in place. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to attract, recruit and develop talented and competent employees and managers. “We believe that the ability to recruit competent and talented people to…



Strengthened leadership in times of change

  We have strengthened our organisation with new leadership in both Sweden and Denmark. With the recruitment of Knud Mansfeld-Giese and Tomas Persson in the role of Country Manager to our offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm respectively, we have taken a big step forward in our continued growth ambition by securing a clear leadership that…



Harvey Nash Global HR Survey – Take part

  Last year over 800 HR professionals from around the globe took part in the Harvey Nash HR Survey, and we’d love you to join them. Click here to take part - HR SURVEY This year the survey covers a wide range of key HR issues: from what’s driving HR, to the impact of automation…



How can focusing on company values be key in successful change management?

  Most management groups need to grapple with successfully implementing some type of change in their organisation. To work with company values and link them to the business strategy can be the communicative platform needed to unite the company during times of change. How does a company succeed in maintaining good productivity in periods of…



Welcome to Harvey Nash Charlotte!

Today we are joined by new colleague Charlotte Runsbech! Charlotte is known to us from before as she joins us from our sister company Alumni, but now she is taking a step over to us at Harvey Nash to work as a Researcher at our Stockholm office. Charlotte has a Master in Managing People, Knowledge…



Succeed with your recruitment in the IT and technology sector

  Qualified IT skills are in high demand and potential employers are increasingly facing higher standards set by candidates. Companies must be able to take care of their candidates, both passive and active ones and view them more as consumers. Working with a long-term perspective in talent management, with relationship-building activities and inbound recruitment, is…



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