Succeed with your recruitment in the IT and technology sector

November 26, 2018


Qualified IT skills are in high demand and potential employers are increasingly facing higher standards set by candidates. Companies must be able to take care of their candidates, both passive and active ones and view them more as consumers. Working with a long-term perspective in talent management, with relationship-building activities and inbound recruitment, is the new everyday life for employers and recruitment consultants, as two of our colleagues Amanda Lundqvist and Charlotta Skogar are well aware of.

How should companies navigate in the candidates’ market?

Charlotta Companies need to take action around their talent branding and broaden their customer perspective to succeed in their recruitment strategy. When collaboration with an external recruitment consultant, it is crucial to be open and transparent to make sure the consultant gets an understanding of the business and the challenges in the set-out position. This way, the consultant can more successfully represent and succeed in attracting, as well as selling the role of the best candidates.
Today candidates have read up on and prepared well before meeting with a potential new employer and often they have already formed an opinion about the company. Credibility and the company’s good reputation in the market are a prerequisite for successfully attracting the most sought-after talent.
As an employer, you also need to prepare by having read up on the candidate in advance, show flexibility and respect for the candidate’s time and make sure to set the candidate up for success in their new role.

Amanda At Harvey Nash, I feel we are good at building transparency both towards client and candidate about conditions and expectations in the roles we undertake. The trust we have to build with candidates quickly crumbles if the new employer doesn’t meet the expectations and promises we made in the search process. A recruitment process is often a very personal experience that you remember for a long time and it is important to be open, honest and not to waste anyone’s time to avoid a bad candidate experience.

What are candidates looking for?

Amanda Candidates in our more senior specialist and management assignments are attracted to roles where the company shows potential for growth, where they can work in a stimulating and interesting environment and where there is an opportunity to grow in the role. Often, they want a strategic responsibility, be part of development, and also with an ability to influence and not only maintain already existing processes and structures.

Charlotta Many candidates also seek flexibility and it is becoming more common not to want an eight to five job but instead an ability to work outside the office, part-time or plan their work with what fits better with their private life.
Another thing that can be crucial is how the boss is. In some of the roles, we work with, a manager who inspires and understands the underlying technology is desirable. Even though a manager or head of a department does not necessarily need the latest technical expertise or experience, they do need to be curious about technology and want to understand the more operational aspects of an IT department, in order to more successfully communicate with and manage their team.

What requirements do you see clients ask for in IT skills today?

Amanda Demands are often many and it becomes important for us as recruitment partners to have the courage and insight to question, guide and advice the client on how to navigate the market. Setting the right expectations is crucial for success.

Charlotta Many who come to us describe that they are looking for the next star. I think all individuals have the potential to be a star given the right prerequisites. It is more about having the right person in the right place at the right time. Having that person in place can often help attract other talented employees.

Amanda Today many jobs are referred through recommendations in informal networks. It’s easier to change jobs if you already have a connection with the new company. Our clients today often seek candidates with good networks in the industry and expect them to know where to find the best skills and the latest knowledge. Having a good network will be very valuable.

Are there recurring demands from clients standing in the way of success?

Charlotta That greatly depends on the type of role we are working with. In more specialist roles, we sometimes emphasize that work experience comes before education and that relevant skills, knowledge and expertise weigh heavier. In addition to specialists, we work with management roles, where educational requirements are more important.

Amanda I think you can be open to and not restrict yourself to only individuals living in Sweden. It may also be worth considering whether Swedish as a first language is necessary. In some organizations and roles, I think it would be possible to look to a broader network of talents. In my opinion, we are good at challenging our clients at Harvey Nash and dare to think in new ways to solve an assignment.

Charlotta I recommend thoroughly going over the requirements, especially when recruiting scarce talents. It is easy to discourage potential candidates with a long list of things you must have. It is worth considering what requirements can be made into meriting qualifications instead.

Amanda When possible it’s great if the client is open to the possibility of adapting the role slightly to better leverage the potential of the available candidates. In a candidates’ market, it sometimes becomes necessary to begin looking at the skills in the market and see how they can benefit the company. It is also important to recognize the company’s challenges, constraints and ability to attract candidates to succeed in a recruitment.

At Harvey Nash we strive to be a long-term partner and advisor to our clients, in all aspects of talent management and development. We have a dedicated team specialized in the IT and technology sector with expert knowledge of the market and wide networks. We are good at roles working as an integrated part of the business; specialists, key positions and managers.
Examples of roles we are currently recruiting: Development Manager, CTO, System Administrator, Business Analyst, Chief Architect, Technical Coordinator, Business Manager, Information Security Architect, Claims Analyst, Management, Reporting Strategist, Team Leader Support.

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