Food technology bringing hope for the future

  Micvac is an innovative food technology company providing in-pack cooking and pasteurization solutions that are used to produce healthy and sustainable ready-to-eat foods. Their journey spans 15 years back in time and today they are revolutionizing the way ready-to-eat foods are prepared, but also scaling-up and getting ready to introduce their unique technology into…



Future-focused customer service

  With approximately two million customers, Skandia is today a leading life insurance provider and has services within savings, insurance, health and banking services. They continuously work to develop their advisory role and simplify the prerequisites of good savings for their customers.   To Customer Service Risk and Health, Skandia has recently made an investment…



Harvey Nash publishes its 8th annual global HR Survey

  HR engages every part of an organisation. From talent acquisition, to engaging staff, to leadership assessment and development, HR can play a vital role in the success and growth of an enterprise. The unique ‘everywhereness’ of HR is a key strength; few functions have such a complete view of an organisation or have such…



Lack of technology expertise forces companies to think again

  65% of respondents in the Harvey Nash and KPMG's CIO survey report lack of competence and that resource challenges are delaying strategy work - the highest number reported since 2008. It is hardly surprising for IT managers that relevant knowledge and skills are in short supply in the market. Several companies are solving some…



The transformation of the CIO

  The time when a CIO role mainly entailed responsibility for IT infrastructure and IT security is long gone. A successful CIO today also needs to shoulder leadership responsibilities and must have a clear sense of business acumen. Charlotta Skogar is one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants and working within our area of expertise, IT…



Navigating the IT landscape in 2019

  In 2018 we saw increasing investments into information security and data privacy, much as a result of GDPR. The threat of cyber attacks reached en all time high whilst only a fifth of IT leaders felt they were prepared for the eventuality. How have we moved on and are we better equipped for today’s…



Getting serious about IT security

  All of us experience an increasingly complex and dynamic working day where managers, but perhaps especially IT managers, need to be able to address risks, governance and information security at a whole new level. These days it is something we at Harvey Nash discuss regularily as our annual CIO Survey is now open. We…



Control or influence? What’s going on in today’s technology departments?

  What is the future of the technology department, and the role of CIOs or technology leaders themselves for that matter? Are the robots coming? Is shadow IT taking over from traditional IT budgets? In its 21st year, the Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey is asking these questions and more. The research is one…



Strengthening Marketing & Sales expertise with another new colleague in place

Last week, we welcomed a new colleague, Aina Elnan to Harvey Nash! Aina Elnan has worked in London with recruitment for the past 10 years and originally comes from Norway. With experience from companies such as Renovata, Nexec Leaders and 360 Leaders, she will be able to contribute with valuable recruitment experience at all levels,…



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