An outside-in perspective that adds focus to change management

September 9, 2019

In an increasingly changing business environment with high workload and demands for rapid adaptation, more businesses find the benefit of being able to quickly solve skills shortage by taking on an interim consultant. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to bring in another pair of eyes to get help and ensure that you spend time doing the right things?

Cecilia Strömmar has worked over 20 years in communications and the last seven years as a freelancer and interim consultant. Her assignments have varied, and she has for example worked with communicative support in business development projects, internal communications in change management projects and media relations assistance to project managers in communication projects. As an experienced interim consultant, Cecilia can quickly adapt into the role and add value from start. The benefits that Cecilia sees in an interim role are that she often has to work with the whole scope, from strategy and planning to implementation. She also enjoys the clarity that comes with an interim solution, around the purpose of her work and the expectations on what she is to deliver.

“Companies often think carefully before hiring an interim consultant, which is good and also necessary so I, as an interim consultant, know what to do. In some cases, I also help clarify the assignment based on set goals to ensure that I really contribute in the best way possible”, explains Cecilia.



An Interim Consultants contribution

With often more experience than the role requires, an interim consultant can advise outside of the scpope of a specific assignment. This is an added value for the client, but also places demands on the client to be prepared to absorb the new knowledge, enable good decision-making in the future and benefit from a new perspective.

“The experience I have gained from having been in and out in different businesses for so many years and that I’ve always come from an outside and in-perspective makes me see more opportunities and achievements that aren’t necessarily defined within my specific mission. Sharing these with my clients is like an extra delivery. I also find that not being stuck in internal company politics means that I can work more independently and with less constraints to achieve results. But at the same time, it is important to be responsive to the culture that exists. Building relationships quickly is the way forward, especially when it comes to managing work processes”, says Cecilia

An interim consultant contributes with an important outside-in perspective, which otherwise can easily be lost along the way as a regular employee. In order to work efficiently, smart and customer-focused, it is important to continuously question, evaluate and consider how the outside world sees the value that a company contributes, to succeed.

In a more usual form such as permanent recruitment, it is not uncommon to plan for one to three weeks’ introduction of newly hired employees, where they are trained and inaugurated in the company’s culture, routines and internal systems. With an interim consultant, the same preparations are not needed, as expectations are usually completely different and linked to stand-alone projects.


The company’s best at heart

An interim consultant always has the company’s best in mind, without own personal agenda. Focus is on getting a good delivery that proves ones worth, which can then lead to new assignments. The need to prepare for the social aspect of recruiting a new employee, linked to fitting in into the organisation and finding community and security does not exist when you, as a client decide on an interim solution. Of course, an interim consultant needs good support in terms of understanding how the organisation is connected and how the internal decision-making process takes place, but otherwise the expectations are often that an external consultant works independently and does not need the same support.


Harvey Nash Interim

Our interim management solution is an obvious choice to efficiently help solve a temporary lack of knowledge, expertise or high workload. With our extensive network of readily available talent, we help you with a reliable source of professional and operative consultants ready to step in on short notice. Cecilia Strömmar is one of the interim consultants we work with and that has added value to our clients.

Are you wondering if an interim solution is right for your organisation or perhaps you are wondering how an interim consultant role would fit your career? Then we are happy to discuss!



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