EU Referendum: An Open Letter from Harvey Nash CEO, Albert Ellis

May 28, 2016

Last week UK made a historic decision to leave the European Union.
To some this will be a cause of celebration, to others a cause of concern, certainly it’s been a shock.
For over two decades Harvey Nash Group, a UK headquartered LSE listed global company, has been a leading recruiter of executive and technology talent across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the rest of the world. We have seen first-hand how the open flow of talent across borders has been key to helping organisations all across Europe compete in an increasingly digital, and globally competitive world.
No more so than in the UK. Across the country, one in four technology workers were born outside the UK, and almost half of those were from the EU. In London this figure increases to almost one in two born outside the country(*1).
Over the next few months, and years, the UK will be carving out a new role for itself in the world. As an entrepreneurial, international and diverse country, we have had considerable success in the past and I both hope and expect this success to continue. I believe our business too reflects many of those attributes and the Harvey Nash Group will adapt and respond to the new realities in an agile and innovative way capitalising on new opportunities that will inevitably arise.
However, key to our future success will be that we remain a beacon for the very best talent in the world. The people who can innovate, start new companies, who can take risks, who can lead important change.
I urgently call on the Conservative Party, the Government and the various vote leave movements to consider carefully the impact the vote has had on the UK and Europe with the potential impact to jobs and livelihoods. We need humility and a sober mind to begin to collaborate with our counterparts in Europe and negotiate a settlement in Britain and Europe’s interest. We must remain a highly attractive country to attract skilled talent internationally. And we must keep those talent and trading channels free and open.
To our candidates and clients across the world, I say our consultants and recruiters are standing by to support you and advise on your talent and people strategies in this, a new chapter for the continent of Europe. They have my one hundred percent support to ensure your business and your interests come first and that continuity of our unique portfolio of services is our priority.
Albert Ellis
CEO, Harvey Nash Group