Food technology bringing hope for the future

May 6, 2019


Micvac is an innovative food technology company providing in-pack cooking and pasteurization solutions that are used to produce healthy and sustainable ready-to-eat foods. Their journey spans 15 years back in time and today they are revolutionizing the way ready-to-eat foods are prepared, but also scaling-up and getting ready to introduce their unique technology into other business areas. From focusing only on chilled ready meals today, they are in a process of extending the technology into several other applications for prepared foods.
Transitioning from a start-up to a scale-up, that is rapidly growing and expanding internationally sets the stage for a very exciting workplace. Harvey Nash was proud to assist Micvac in a recent recruitment for a new Marketing Director.
“Working with an external recruitment partner enabled us to find the best qualified candidate in the shortest possible time. Speed is key for us as a growth business”, says Michael Bogdanski, CEO at Micvac.
CEO, Michael Bogdanski joined Micvac just over a year and a half ago with the goal to move Micvac from a Swedish company with international clients to a leading and global food tech provider. His background within consumer products helped expand perspective to Micvac’s strong focus on tech-based knowledge. Michael’s international work experience is also something that helps add valuable insights and knowledge to how best to grow the company. Originally from USA he has some 16 years’ experience from various countries in Europe, such as Germany and the UK but also from Sweden where he is currently living with his family. Understanding the Swedish culture and ways of working helps him better pave the way for how Micvac will need to adapt and work going forward in a global environment.
Michael Bogdanski_CEO_Micvac

Michael Bogdanski


Sustainable solutions
Micvac is a B2B company with customers within the food manufacturing sector, where much of the dialogue revolves around technology, packaging and production processes. Their unique technology solution involves rapidly cooking food and preserving the texture and vitamin content, yielding longer than normal shelf-life for fresh food. Some of the customers they work with in Scandinavia produce products such as Gooh from Lantmännen and Toro from Orkla Foods. With traditional methods, ready to eat food lasts often only five days in a refrigerated environment resulting in rampant food waste and high levels of spoilage. In contrast there is the alternative of heavily processed and canned foods that have a long shelf life but that many consumers equal to lacking in flavour, missing texture and high levels of preservatives. Food quality and safety are pressing topics in the industry, but at Micvac they have managed to make a name for themselves as a company with a green footprint and a commitment to building modern and sustainable solutions.
“What I think we’ve got right at Micvac is our focus and dedication to long-term success of our customers. That means that we must have the end-consumer in mind at all times, even if we are not the ones producing the ready meals. We need to be lovers of food and committed to working with our customers so that they provide the best possible food experience for the end-consumer, who is ultimately the one paying for the product and thereby our packaging solution”, adds Michael.
Success factors
For Micvac it’s been important to shift from only being a technology company to a customer focused company. The team at Micvac are all passionate about the technological solution helping to make a difference in the food industry, and we are all together working to get much closer with the customer side of the business.
“The core characteristic that we share is passion and drive to make a difference. We have a very technologically sophisticated solution and the willingness to constantly learn and understand how we can help our customers solve their challenges is critically important and the key to our future success”, shares Michael.
One improvement area that Micvac sees is in their need to better understand their customers’ businesses. With Michael Bogdanski being the first person in the company with a consumer background and now with a new Marketing Director joining they are leveraging customer insights in a new way to add a fresh perspective that will help them shift focus. Micvac is also redefining their capabilities within the sales organisation, going from responding to incoming customer requests, to more actively finding new customers themselves and working to anticipate customer needs in a more proactive way.
In order to successfully scale-up the company Micvac is pushing hard to professionalize every aspect of the business in order to be ready and able to handle the growth plan.
“It’s taken us 15 years to reach the size we are today. In three more years, our plan is to double in size and in a further one and a half years we will double that again”, adds Michael.
The right people
Besides preparing for rapid growth plans and researching and evolving their technology Micvac is simultaneously working with their company culture. Alignment and a common vision for the company is part of that work as well as an understanding of the importance of finding the right people to join their journey.
“With the right people involved and the power of common goals, the culture will further strengthen and become an additional asset to leverage. I have found it very valuable to be involved in the recruitment processes we’ve had over the past 1.5 years helping to sell and explain Micvac’s vision to potential employees. What I know and what we need to keep working towards is playing better as a team. All aligned – that’s when the good things happen. No strategy, no matter how sound will ever be able to replace that.”
“In order to reach our goals we do not only need to have the processes and plans in place but also the people with the capacity to deliver on Micvac’s future vision here and now. We must dare to see beyond what we are now and of course have the ability to communicate where we want to be in the future, that will help us continue to find the right people on our journey of growth.”