Harvey Nash publishes its 8th annual global HR Survey

April 10, 2019


HR engages every part of an organisation.

From talent acquisition, to engaging staff, to leadership assessment and development, HR can play a vital role in the success and growth of an enterprise.
The unique ‘everywhereness’ of HR is a key strength; few functions have such a complete view of an organisation or have such an ability to influence the right people at the right times.
But ‘everywhere’ can also be a weakness. It can spread you too thinly or make you too focused on process rather than creating value.

This year’s Harvey Nash HR Survey, now in its eighth year, reflects the views of over 1100 HR professionals from across the world. It reflects the wide range of challenges and opportunities that the ‘everywhere’ HR is now dealing with, and how successful HR leaders are creating winning strategies. From automation to employer brand, board priorities to performance management, you’ll find data and insights that will help in your business and career planning.

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