He follows new trends in the gaming industry

August 20, 2018



Anders Dahlberg was close to missing the new exciting opportunity as CMO at Fractal Design in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today, he leads the gaming industry into a new era of personal expressions and influencers.

Harvey Nash helped recruit Anders Dahlberg as CMO at Fractal Design, a company that designs chassis, cooling and power supplies for PCs, primarily used for gaming. The company was founded in 2010 by Hannes Wallin and is growing rapidly in an international market. We asked Anders to tell us a bit more about the industry and the new role.

– When I received your call, I did not think the role was so interesting at first. When you enjoy the work you do and focus on your everyday work, ity’s easy to miss this kind of opportunity. But then I took a look at the brief and material that you had prepared and it was incredibly extensive and inspiring! says Anders.

Thanks to the material we provided Anders with, he was able to read up on the company, the organization, their strategies and the role itself. After reading more, he realized that this could be a really exciting next step.
– I even discovered that I was already a customer there! says Anders Dahlberg.

How were your first days at Fractal Design?
– The gaming industry is new to me, so at first I learned the industry language with all its abbreviations and different expressions. Now, a few months later, it feels really good. We are in a strong expansion phase, things are changing all the time, explains Anders.

He describes a gaming market in steady growth and finds that Fractal Design has every opportunity to scale the business into something much bigger. It’s a journey he definitely wants to be part of.
– I feel very happy with the international context and environment, where I have colleagues all over the world. With offices in Dallas, Taipei and Gothenburg, you know that someone in the team is always awake and working. It adds a wonderful energy to the job, says Anders.

What past experiences will you be able to contribute with to Fractal Design?
– I previously worked in the fashion and sports industry, for companies such as JC, Lindex and Intersport. There I learned how to work with “influencers”, something that has been around some time through fashion bloggers and similar. Motivators in the fashion industry are more emotionally linked while marketing in the gaming industry is more adapted to function and rational purchasing power. I think the gaming industry will start leaning more towards feelings and a way of expression of identity in the future. The digital life is a very big part of everyday life for many. They want to express their personality through their equipment and how they look in the games. Just the same as choosing clothes and sports equipment to show who you are and what you stand for.

What’s best about your new job?
– Easy … I get to work with the very latest within marketing. The transformation from many small retailers to some major digital marketplaces, such as Amazon, is very exciting. When sales channels concentrate to a few major players, brand building becomes extremely important while marketing is becoming increasingly digitally driven. Print has basically disappeared in our industry. The banner struggles to survive. Instead, “youtubers”, “streamers”, reviewers, and “influencers” take over. Fractal has built all of its success to be very good at working with these new channels. For me, it is therefore very inspiring to learn from the company, says Anders.

What is the biggest challenge you will have?
– Hmmm … The first thing that comes to mind is that we just started selling to the Chinese market. It is big and very different from what I am used to. But the biggest challenge is still to grow the brand in the United States. There the trends are created in our industry. Can we increase market share in USA puts us in a good position on every other market in the world, says Anders with a smile.

It sounds like you ended up right where you belong?
– Absolutely. I think Fractal Design is one of the few companies in the Gothenburg area that offers this type of opportunity, working at the forefront of the latest developments, says Anders.

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