Looking out for the candidates – The importance of creating a positive candidate experience

August 12, 2019


There is much talk about the customer experience and how, in order for or us to do a good job, it is important that we establish a good relationship with our customers.

A company needing our help with a recruitment must feel confident that we will find the right candidate for them – the candidates that match their requirements. But there is an important aspect in this that must not be overlooked – the candidates. Their experience is just as important, both to us as a recruitment company as to the company we help.

It is all too easy to focus exclusively on the one successful candidate, but in a recruitment process, there are naturally often several candidates. And as far as creating a good experience goes it would make sense to say then that a successful candidate would be easier to please and that we would need to work harder to provide a good experience to those candidates that do not go all the way. Often the opposite is the case. As a recruitment partner, we are an extension of our customers and serve as the first impression candidates’ get of the process. We are ambassadors working to provide the best possible image of the role and the company and therefore cooperation and partnership is the most important success factor. In addition to just understanding the role in question, we need to understand the bigger context, the skills needed within the company, what strategic goals and challenges they are faced with, what their corporate culture looks like and how it would be to work there.

In creating a good candidate experience, it is not enough to understand what the recruiting company can offer but also what the candidates are looking for. In today’s candidate market with high demand for key competence, it is important that we as a recruitment partner and the recruiting companies understand that it is usually the candidate who is in the driver’s seat. As part of our aim to be more of a trusted advisor and add more value, we are happy to help and advice our customers in this. On everything from the state of the candidate market, benchmarking the industry, coaching and interviewing techniques.

It is essential for us working within the recruitment industry to treat both the companies that enlist our services and our network of candidates as our customers. Each with a tailored approach but equally valued. There is a role and occupation for everyone, and even if a person is not a successful candidate in one assignment, they surely are in another. We always strive to find the best match between company and candidate, which quite often means that the candidate profile at the beginning of a process is not necessarily the same at the end. Curiosity, an open mindset, ability to think outside of the set framework and continuously challenging preconceived ideas of an ideal candidate should be an integral part of any recruitment partner.

What you should think of in your next recruitment:

  • How do you as a company wish to be perceived in the market?
  • Do you have internal resources and skills to help in the recruitment? And if not, where can you get help from an external partner?
  • Do you as a company have a plan for how to work with recruitment in a larger time frame?

In summary; focus on your candidates, set off enough time and create a positive experience for all involved. This will improve your chances of finding the right person to join your company, it will help create the right conditions in which your candidate will succeed, as well as make for great relationships with potential future candidates and ambassadors of your brand.

Researcher Sonnica Frandberg

Sonnica Frändberg, Senior researcher

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