Our recruitment process when applying to a job

Once you have found one or more jobs on our website that interest you, you can submit an application with your CV. This is when our recruitment process starts. There are several steps in our process of finding the right person for a position.

An initial selection
We read all applications and select the candidates that best match the candidate profile. If you are not one of them, you will receive feedback by mail within a few weeks.

Short interview by phone
Candidates who move forward to the next step will be contacted for a shorter phone interview, where we ask additional questions about your background and other relevant information.

Interview with responsible recruitment consultant
A smaller number of candidates who are a good match with the candidate profile will meet with the responsible recruitment consultant. This interview usually takes about 1-1.5 hours and it is good to be well prepared. One tip is to research and read up on the company and the position, allowing you to ask relevant questions and make a more well-informed decision.

Interview with the company
If your interests and profile match what we are looking for, you will meet the recruiting manager at the company. Together with our client we normally choose which candidates, usually 2-3, who they should meet for an additional interview. If your first meeting with the recruiting company goes well, you can expect usually one or two more meetings.

Final candidate
If you are the final candidate, a few things happen before a contract is officially signed with your new employer. We conduct personality tests and analytical test to assess your ability related to the requirements. We also like to take references from two – three people of your choice that you have had a professional relationship with. A final step in our process is to conduct a basic background check.

Feedback if you do not get the job
We strive to always give quick feedback to those candidates who do not go forward in the recruitment process. If you have not been called to an interview, you will receive an email from us. If you have been in contact with us in a telephone or personal interview, we will try as soon as we can to give you feedback by phone or via email.

Currently we have a number of interesting opportunities published here on our website. Have a look and send in an application today!