Photos and blog from our Leeds Technology Survey 2015 Event

February 2, 2015

Surrounded by cutting edge art and photography Leeds tech community flocked to White Cloth Gallery on the 26th February to discuss, debate and learn what this year’s Harvey Nash Technology Survey had to say.

Panel members were:

James Hall – Director,
Sanjay Parekh – Co-founder, Cocoon

Dave Williams – CTO, Icelolly

View photos from the event.

5 things we learnt:

1. How secure are we?: James, from Parallax, showed just how exposed our data is to hacking, especially over wifi networks. It was striking just how creative hackers had become (James demonstrated a number of examples). Despite this, the general view of the panel was that security should not hinder innovation.

2. Budgets are up: The Harvey Nash Technology Survey reports that more Tech leaders are expecting budget increases this year than at any point since 2006 and two thirds of CEOs are looking for technology to MAKE them money rather than SAVE them money (previously this was much closer to 50/50). Top of the investment agenda are Mobile, Cloud and Big Data. Interestingly, whilst Security was next on the list, it lagged behind the ‘big 3’ by some way.

3. In Search of Google: Last year we asked people to indicate which global tech company was the most influential. Google came in at #1, not so much of surprise. But perhaps more surprisingly Samsung came in at #2, with its Gear watch capturing the public’s attention. What a difference a year makes. Google, already in a dominant position gains even greater dominance, Samsung – for whom the Gear watch has been something of a damp squib – drops significantly. Apple came in third most influential after Microsoft, however the Survey gathered data before its iPhone 6 / Pay / Watch launch, so next year’s reading may be different. Interestingly Apple has $164b in cash. If that were GDP that would make it the 57th biggest country in the world, ahead of Bangladesh, Hungary, and hot on the heels of New Zealand and Kuwait.

4. Traits of success: If the external perception of technology people is that they are logical, self-reliant and less prone to be extroverted, then the Survey confirms that perception to be true. Almost two thirds (65 per cent) believe they are highly logic driven, while a majority consider themselves self-reliant and open to change. Only one in seven would portray their own personality as socially extroverted, preferring instead for the results of their work to do the talking. And if you want to improve your salary then be adaptable and self-reliant, both these traits were at least 10% stronger in the $100K+ earners.

5. It’s about balance: In the Survey we asked people what they would value in their next role. The most surprising thing was just how important work-life balance is. Not only does it top of the chart of things people looked for in their next role, but it’s also the factor that has jumped the most from the last year. The picture this paints is that tech professionals, as they come out of the recession having slaved in a “more for less environment”, are looking for a “little bit less for more” now.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and continue to make Harvey Nash events such a great platform for debate and networking. If you would like to find out more about our technology recruitment, executive search and offshoring services visit us at