Make more informed recruitment decisions

through tailored psychometric testing and scientific methods.


We believe that having the right talent in the right place at the right time is pivotal to any organisation’s success. We can help you assess and develop that talent to make sure you reach your strategic business goals.

With our extensive track record within recruitment, we have solid experience of

  • what talent is needed and where
  • how to build the internal processes that will help foster and assess the best in your organisation’s leadership
  • providing an objective and expert second opinion before a promotion or recent hire
  • onboarding to make sure you make the most of your recently acquired talent.

We use personality and analytical tests adapted to the process, combined with the expertise of our consultants who have insights into our client’s business and functional knowledge of the role. Our immediate access to market standards helps us quickly benchmark results, adding extra value to you as a client.

Our Services

Our Expertises

  • Finance & Legal

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Finance Managers, CFOs, Treasury Managers, Account Managers, Compliance Officers, Senior Legal Advisors, internal auditors, Business Development Managers and Business Controllers.

  • HR & Administration

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: HR Directors, HR Business Partners, HR Specialists, Operations Managers, Executive Assistants and Employer Branding Managers.

  • IT & Tech
    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: CIO, IT Manager, Development Manager, Team Managers, CISO, CSO, Information Security Specialist/ Architect, IT Security Specialist/ Architect, CTO, IT Architect, Project Manager, Product Specialist, Scrum Master and digital specialists.
  • Public

    Strong knowledge and experience from the public sector at national, regional and local level. Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Secretary-Generals/ Directors, CEOs, Head of Division, Managing Directors and various management and specialist positions in economics, purchasing, logistics, HR, Marketing and Sales.

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Market Managers, Sales Managers, Business Area Managers, Communications Managers, Key Account Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers and E-commerce Managers as well as digital sales and marketing roles.

  • Supply Chain & Operations

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Purchasing Managers, Production Managers, Business Managers, Logistics Manager, Site Managers and senior specialists within purchase and supply.