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We help our clients identify their future managers and specialists based on methods of search and advertised recruitment. We work across most industries in both the public and private sectors and have chosen to specialize in certain functions in order to add more value to you as our client. With extensive networks and knowledge built up in these specialist functions, we add agility, expertise, efficiency and take on an advisory role to help you make the best choice for your next recruitment.

Whilst most of our assignments are completed through search, we also work with advertised recruitment when this method fits the assignment and adds value. We have tested processes and a structured approach to service a larger scale of applicants. Our approach is pragmatic striving to make sure we help our clients and always looking to represent you in the best possible way.

Our search process is based on sound and thorough research, including different sources, identifying your target companies, networks and external forums. This means that we gain access to candidates who may not yet be actively seeking a new job opportunity.

We have a dedicated team of researchers in-house to help you reach a larger talent pool and all of us here enjoy the challenge that this type of advanced detective work requires. As our client, you should feel safe and trust that we can solve even the most difficult role.

Our Services

Our Expertises

  • Finance & Legal

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Finance Managers, CFOs, Treasury Managers, Account Managers, Compliance Officers, Senior Legal Advisors, internal auditors, Business Development Managers and Business Controllers.

  • HR & Administration

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: HR Directors, HR Business Partners, HR Specialists, Operations Managers, Executive Assistants and Employer Branding Managers.

  • IT & Tech
    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: CIO, IT Manager, Development Manager, Team Managers, CISO, CSO, Information Security Specialist/ Architect, IT Security Specialist/ Architect, CTO, IT Architect, Project Manager, Product Specialist, Scrum Master and digital specialists.
  • Public

    Strong knowledge and experience from the public sector at national, regional and local level. Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Secretary-Generals/ Directors, CEOs, Head of Division, Managing Directors and various management and specialist positions in economics, purchasing, logistics, HR, Marketing and Sales.

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Market Managers, Sales Managers, Business Area Managers, Communications Managers, Key Account Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers and E-commerce Managers as well as digital sales and marketing roles.

  • Supply Chain & Operations

    Examples of roles we have solid experience of: Purchasing Managers, Production Managers, Business Managers, Logistics Manager, Site Managers and senior specialists within purchase and supply.