The recruitment process – what should I as candidate expect?

November 19, 2018


Recruitment processes can vary depending on the approach we choose to best help identify and match the right candidate to the right job.

The approach will be different depending on the prerequisites of the assignment. In any assignment, our initial analysis will help determine if we think we will solve the recruitment through a selection process of incoming applications or if we think the recruitment demands a search, whereby we actively contact passive candidates in the market. Oftentimes we will use a combination of both approaches.
Below we have outlined the steps in our process in order to help you with an overview and insight into the timeline you can expect from engaging in a dialogue with us at Harvey Nash.

Your CV, what’s good to think about?
It is a good idea to keep your CV up-to-date so that you are prepared should the right next step in your career come along. Read our CV tips here.

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