Understanding the Risks

March 7, 2014

Harvey Nash are embarking on our first CRO Survey, where we aim to shed light on how the Financial Services Industry are tackling current regulatory pressures and constraints.

With a turbulent economy over the last few years, issues concerning Risk Functions have sky rocketed in importance. It has very suddenly become clear that the role of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is vastly important, and as a result, Board culture is changing. Different organisations are choosing to manage changes in legislation and regulatory constraints in a variety of ways, and everyone has an opinion to share.

We want to bring together all the thoughts, opinions and ideas of CROs and Risk Leaders to really get into the mind-set of the professionals in the Financial Services Industry, and find out what they’re doing to tackle the fast growing issues of their Risk Functions, from Operational Risk to Skillsets and Data.

We want to know what you think. If you’re a CRO or a Risk Leader, please click here to take part in the survey.

With the information gathered, we aim to publish and circulate the results and host a series of events that will lead to a greater depth of understanding.

Please note: the survey is anonymous. Participants personal details are only requested in order to provide the survey results and will not be used for any marketing purposes, or passed to any third parties.