Order out of chaos: Harvey Nash Technology Survey 2013/14

October 14, 2013

Representing the views of over 2,300 technology professionals across the world, the Harvey Nash Technology Survey a leading insight into tech and tech careers. 

Order out of chaos

There was nothing ‘chaotic’ about the world’s first computer. When Charles Babbage unveiled his Difference Engine in 1822, it was designed to work like clockwork.
In a world where there are 8.6 billion devices connected to one another and where it is possible to complete a transaction without knowing the hardware, software or location on which it took place, ‘clockwork’ is hardly a word you’d use. In the 21st century making sense of this complexity – turning chaos into order – has never been more important. You only need to see the big growth in security or Big Data analytics or the success of search engines like Google to see that.
The role of the technologist too has never been more important, and one clear message that comes from the 2014 Harvey Nash Technology Survey is that many technology professionals are thriving in this increasingly chaotic environment. In our report you will find fresh information about how technology experts are adapting ot this new world, the skills needed to success and what really makes them tick.
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