Thank you for a successful launch of our CIO Survey

May 9, 2017

A big thank you to all who participated in our launch event from all of us at Harvey Nash and KPMG

Thursday 8 June, we were finally able to present the results of our CIO survey along with KPMG.
The survey is the largest of its kind with participant from across the globe lending a voice to current topics affecting IT and leadership.
Innovation and security ranks high on the agenda. 89 per cent of all CIOs say they make investments now in innovation. Results also show that vulnerability within cyber security is at an all-time high with only 21 per cent of respondents saying they believe that they’re able to sufficiently handle an attack. In the Nordics that number goes even lower. Respondents also note an increased concern of “insider threats” globally. IT investments are at the highest they have been in eight years and they have also changed in nature, from long-term investments to more simple, flexible solutions allowing for nimbler operations in a fast paced and ever-changing business climate.

– Despite the threat of a possible recession hanging over us, it’s interesting to see that investments in technology still increase, says Vermund Nilsen at Harvey Nash.

One of the conclusions from yesterday’s event was that it is certainly and exciting time to be a CIO! They face very unclear career developments reflected in an ever-increasing unpredictable world, with increased demand for complementary skills from roles such as CDOs, Enterprise Architects and Big Data specialists. Their role increases in its strategic responsibility at the same time as there are calls for them to work even closer to the business in end-to-end processes. Looking to the past the CIO has always had an ability to navigate in an unpredictable environment and it’s safe to say that this is a quality that is needed to achieve success event in the future.

We also wish to thank our panel who generously shared with us their experiences from past and current roles!

This year the participants in our panel were:

Alexandra Fürst, Head of Business Development & IT, Wasa Kredit
Daniel Forslund, Responsible for Innovation at Stockholm City Council, SLL
Håkan Ozan, Head of Innovation Services, KPMG Sweden

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For key highlights and summary of results:
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Please get in touch! Perhaps you would like more information about the survey and how it compares to your own business, do you have questions in a particular area of the survey or do you wish to discuss concrete solutions for transformation and innovation in your organization?

Vermund Nilsen, Managing Consultant
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