What to think about when you next select your recruitment partner

November 5, 2018


Running a successful recruitment process demands collaboration, transparency and a sense of urgency in today’s candidate market. The pitfalls are many, so here are a few questions to help guide you along the way.

Finding the right candidate, not just the best of the best, but the right candidate for your unique organisation can be hard. As a recruitment partner, we oftentimes must come up with creative ways to solve our assignments. This is part of why so many of our consultants enjoy working with recruitment, one assignment is never just like another.

– We are in the people business and that’s the joy! You never know what to expect one day to another and everyone has a different perspective and often different motivations, says Craig Schlebusch, Regional Manager West at Harvey Nash Sweden.

From Craig Schlebusch’ s perspective there are some questions that keep coming back when companies choose to work with a recruitment partner. Here are some of those questions answered and hopefully some of them will help you on your way in your next recruitment. Good luck!


– What is your competence and track record?

– Harvey Nash in the Nordics currently celebrates our 10th anniversary. At Group level we have 30 years in the business. We always commit to a very quality-driven process and involve a project team so that you have a robust and reliable process that will not be relying solely on one person. This also allows for a more unbiased recruitment as we can involve more than one perspective when deciding who the right candidate for you should be. We are engaged as your advisor and sparring partner. With the collective experience we have gained from the recruitment business we wish to challenge you and have an open dialogue regarding the candidate profile and all the circumstances that will influence our dialogues in the market. We always strive for a transparent collaboration with our clients and believe that we add value by being straightforward and honest in our opinion and in any feedback from the market.

– We work across all industries with functional expertise within multiple areas and therefore we say that we are broad and nich at the same time. We offer numerous references and examples of relevant previous assignments so that you can feel confident in our experience. Should we not feel confident that we are the right partner to solve your recruitment needs, we will prefer to tell you so, decline and help you find another recruitment partner.


– How big is your network? How big a scope of the candidate market will you map out on my behalf and how many people will be involved in working on this assignment?”

– When we start an assignment, we will in most cases start off by looking in our existing network of candidates. This network we have jointly built with our sister companies in the Nordics: Alumni and Impact Executives, making us one of the largest recruitment partners in the Nordics. We have some 140 experts that we can turn to for local knowledge about the profile, but of course being part of Harvey Nash Group also means that we can make use of our extended network across the world as well, currently at approximately 2500 professionals within the industry.

Looking outside of our existing network to benchmark the profile and the employer. is of course also necessary. For this we have our local research team but also a dedicated research team in Vietnam that help us with desktop research, mapping out the candidate market and identifying target companies.

We work collaboratively and take help from each other to get tips from the market and each other on insight into the candidate profile, as well as possible candidates. Always with the utmost discretion and respect for the integrity of our candidates’ and clients’!

In effect you get access to our whole firm and not just one consultant listed in your assignment brief.


– What is your fee structure? Is it based on the annual salary of the final candidate or is it a set fee? Do you offer any guarantees?”

– We always have a set fee based on our evaluation of the complexity of our client’s unique requirements. This is normally invoiced at separate stages of the process, depending on the nature of the assignment. We like to be flexible and adjust our process to our clients’ needs.

We help you identify, attract and recruit your candidates as well as conduct complete background checks and aptitude tests to ensure that the recruitment will be successful. With this comes a guarantee that should the final candidate within six months from the date of entering into the new employment cease, then we will conduct a new recruitment process at no cost.

With our many years of experience within recruitment and through our regular interactions with both clients and candidates in the market we can help you better navigate and minimize the risks and hopefully successfully solve your recruitment needs.


Finally, how do you measure success?

– We measure success in our assignments by how the candidate and our client feels about the recruitment, ends Craig Schlebusch.